British rate Irish accent as more attractive than any of theirs

We'll forgive them for calling us ‘Southern Ireland’ this time, I suppose…

British rate Irish accent as more attractive than any of theirs

So, it turns out that people from "Southern Ireland" (facepalm...) have the most attractive accent in the "British Isles", according to a major survey of British people.

Of course, here in “Southern Ireland”, we all speak with exactly the same accent no matter where we’re from, right?

Leaving that little detail aside for now, it found that some 20% of respondents rated our accent as “very attractive”, with 41% saying it was “fairly attractive”.

More than one fifth (21%) think it is “fairly unattractive”, with 9% saying it was very unattractive.

The survey has some good news for single Irishmen – more females than males rated the accent as “very attractive”.

As far as location is concerned, a whopping 69% of Scottish respondents thought our accent is attractive. Book those plane tickets lads!

For you politicos, Liberal Democrat and Labour voters found our brogue the most charming, but Ukip and Conservative voters weren’t as keen. Hmm…

There’s also some encouraging news for our young, free and single (albeit slightly less vocally attractive) friends north of the border – 54% of 18-24 year-olds polled like the sound of their accent.

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