Wanderers is an incredible vision of future space travel

Our solar system is a beautiful place.

Wanderers is an incredible vision of future space travel

Space travel is one of those dreams we have as children that too many of us leave behind as we age.

Not so with filmmaker Erik Wernquist, who dreams of a day when we can visit the other worlds in our cosmic neighbourhood - and wants to take us there with some beautiful special effects.

Wanderers is his short film, and like the best science fiction, it's based on science fact: every scene in the film is a real place within our solar system, crafted using the best knowledge we have as its basis.

It's narrated by legendary astrophysicist Carl Sagan, from a recording of his book on space travel, Pale Blue Dot. Turn on the high definition option and crank up the sound.

Some of the impressive locations visited include a sunset on Mars, a mountain ridge on Saturn, and - in one of the most striking shots - the stripes of Jupiter, viewed from its moon, Europa.

Even the outlandish-seeming cliff diving isn't so far-fetched: that's Verona Rupes on the moon Miranda - the tallest cliff in the solar system.

You can read more in-depth explanations of each scene in an Imgur album Wernquist created, noting where he took artistic liberties (such as strolling on Saturn in a jacket), and an idea of the resources he used in production.

But even with such artistic licence, none of this is far beyond the realm of possibility. Whether it's mining asteroids or creating cables strong enough for the theoretical space elevator, these are problems being worked on right now.

There's no warp drive or alien life here - simply a journey to the planets next door.

• More details area available on Erik Wenquist's website.

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