News anchor not impressed by co-presenter's dance moves

To a T.I. song, no less.

News anchor not impressed by co-presenter's dance moves

More and more videos are being shared of news anchors cutting loose from their poised on-air personas and getting silly when they're not on camera.

Just yesterday we had this brilliant clip of Sharon cracking wise on the Six One news.

And over in the US, we recently had this amazing choreographed routine from these two co-anchors and they were both super into it.

Which is probably what Dan Thorn wishes would happen with his co-presenter Sarah Pisciuneri during breaks on 59 News in West Virginia. Sadly, Sarah's having none of his sick dance moves to T.I.'s "Where They at Doe?".

We can sort of see why, Dan.

Amazing or amazingly cringeworthy? We're not sure.

We feel for Sarah though - she really gives off the impression that she's reconsidering all her life choices that have led her to this point.

And is regretting them.

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