Watch this lot react to a woman giving birth

It's both disturbing and funny at the same time.

Watch this lot react to a woman giving birth

Those cheeky divils at 4FM must have a lot of time on their hands to come up with their dastardly dares.

The station's Niall Boylan Show challenged some lucky men and women to watch a live birth on video.

None of them have children.

As you can expect, they spend most of the time covering their eyes.

And mouths.

And saying things like: "You can see the baby's face and her stomach coming out like Poltergeist or something."

"This is really disturbing...the gates of Mordor." Really?

One of the girls emphatically states: "I'm never doing this!"

"Noooo! I am never having sex again."

At least one of the lads thought of his mammy saying: "Oh my poor mother."

Here's their reactions in all their gory glory (sorry).

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