Happy International 'Talk like a Pirate' Day!

Here is our 10 step guide on how to talk (and act) like a pirate

Happy International 'Talk like a Pirate' Day!

Ahoy, mateys! Today marks the 12th annual ‘International Talk like a Pirate Day!’ so ‘tis time to flap yer jaws like a buccaneer’.

Here is our 10 step guide on how to talk (and act) like a pirate - for the day that’s in it!


To make the most of ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’ it is firstly required that you get into pirate character. Don your finest eye patch, persuade your pet parrot to keep your shoulder company for the day and fashion yourself the best pirate bandana - all acceptable pirate attire.

Here’s a top tip!

Don't have a fancy bandana? Improvise!


Now that you're in character , you have to get yourself a Pirate Name. Now there is a few ways to do this, but as we know “Talk like a Pirate Day” is so jam packed with activities, it’s best just to take this short fun quiz.

We shall now be known as ‘Dread Pirate Flint’


The more the merri-arrrrrr!

A pirate without a crew is bereft indeed! Involve friends and engage in pirate-speak with casual passers-by. Salty sea dogs are preferred, but landlubbers will do as well.


Here’s our quick guide to some our favourite pirate words.

Ahoy: Hey!

Avast: Stop!

Aye: Yes

Black spot: To be 'placin' the black spot' be markin' someone for death

Booty: Treasure

Buccaneer: A pirate who be answerin' to no man or blasted government.

Davy Jones' Locker: the bottom o' the sea, where the souls of dead men lie

Doubloons: Pieces of gold

Grog: A pirate's favorite drink

Jack: A flag or a sailor

Jolly Roger: The skull and crossbones, the pirate flag!

Landlubber: "Land-lover," someone not used to life onboard a ship

Loaded to the Gunwales (pron. gunnels): Drunk

Matey: A shipmate or a friend

Me hearty: A friend or shipmate

Me: My

Pieces o' eight: Pieces o' silver which can be cut into eights to be givin' small change.

Privateer: A pirate officially sanctioned by a national power

Scallywag: A bad person. A scoundrel

Scurvy dog!: A fine insult!

Shiver me timbers!: An exclamation of surprise, to be shouted most loud.Sprogs: raw, untrained recruits

Squiffy: A buffoon

Swashbucklin': Fightin' and carousin' on the high seas!

Sweet trade: The career of piracy

Walk the plank: This one be bloody obvious

Wench: A lady, although ye gents not be wantin' to use this around a lady who be stronger than ye

Yo-ho-ho: Pirate laughter


Now you’ve the basic lingo down, impress your friends by speaking like a pirate pro.

Never ever use "you" or "you're." Instead, use the piratical form, "yer", "ye" or "ya" for all forms of address to others. "Yer a scurvy bilge rat, ya pompous gasbag." Or, "Here's yer dinner, ya mangey cockroach."

If it be helpin', start yer sentence wi' a "Arr, me hearty," in a deep, throaty voice — ye'll find that the rest be comin' much easier.

6. SLUuuuuuuuur

Slllllllluuuuuuurrrrrrrr aaaalllllll yyooooouuuurrrrr wwwoooorrrdddddssss for ultimate pirate effect.


Be as loud, abrasive, and confident as humanly possible. Pirates ain't fer bein' shy. Stand tall, me hearties, and be counted!

8. SING!

Out of pirate words? Sing the pirate song!!

"Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rum!"


Change your Facebook language to English (Pirate).

Just so you can be ‘weigh’n in’ on your ‘hearties’ ‘portraits’ and ‘climbing abroad’ some ‘grog fests’ all day long.

Here’s how:

Scroll to the end of your profile and click on your language preference.

And change it to English (Pirate).

This is guaranteed to get you in the pirate mood!


Learn from a pirate and just enjoy!

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