VIDEO: Couple have near miss with hammerhead shark

It's nail-biting stuff as the black shadow comes closer and closer.

VIDEO: Couple have near miss with hammerhead shark

This couple were seriously lucky.

The pair were standing in the beautiful turquoise waters off a resort in Florida when - unbeknownst to them - a hammerhead shark swam scarily lose to them

The video was filmed from an apartment overlooking the beach as onlookers try to alert them to the shark's presence.

Fortunately, the shark seemed more interested in a stingray that was swimming nearby and eventually, the couple notice the commotion and leave the water.

While it is rare for hammerhead sharks to attack people as usually they are too small, there have been incidents where the larger of the species - great hammerheads which can grow to 20 feet - have attacked humans.

Either way, you wouldn't want to come between one and their prey.

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