Dramatic paraglider crash and rescue captured on helmet-cam

This is exactly what you should do in a crisis.

Dramatic paraglider crash and rescue captured on helmet-cam

YouTuber Ryan Irwin was 'powered paragliding' over Folsom Lake in California when his motor dramatically gave out.

In powered paragliding, also known as paramotoring, the pilot wears a motor on his back, which provides enough speed to take off using an adapted paraglider.

Knowing he had mere seconds before he hit the water, Ryan’s training kicked in.

The video should provide a powerful lesson in water safety.

Just before going in Irwin manages to free himself from restrictive straps and got his waterproof phone (nice advertisement for that particular brand) - ready to contact the Sherriff’s department.

Once in the water the floatation device attached to the paramotor inflates and Ryan calmly waits for rescue.

In a lucky turn of events, the local Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue guys had actually been watching Ryan fly from the shore at the time and sprang into action.

The rescue helicopter was quickly on the scene, along with two jet skis and a rescue swimmer. The speed in which they get to Ryan is mightily impressive.

After engaging with Irwin, the heroic rescue swimmer gives him the option of going in with the jet skis or the helicopter and Ryan cheekily chances his arm with the helicopter.

After being winched up into the air, Ryan and his rescuers are soon back on dry land where it’s high fives all round.

We think it’s a brilliant example of not only the importance of being fully aware of water safety protocols, but also the fantastic professionalism of Search and Rescue teams world-wide.

Remember to also be safe on the water folks and click here to read some helpful instructions from Irish Water Safety.

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