Tonight's TV tips

Ant and Dec continue the latest series of their fun-packed live family entertainment show. Featuring the Muppets, Samuel L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Christine Bleakley.

Tonight's TV tips

GAME SHOW: Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (TV3, 7pm – 8.25pm)

This week, expect plenty of mayhem as Ant and Dec are joined by celebrity guest announcers The Muppets, and Christine Bleakley will be shouting, “I’m a Celebrity, Get Out of Me Ear!”

The boys’ mini-doppelgangers Little Ant and Dec meet Hollywood stars Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett Johansson and another pop legend will be taking part in Sing-a-long Live.

The Supercomputer is in Sheffield, and an unsuspecting member of the public will be catapulted 150 feet in to the air as they play for their Place on the Plane.

The Top Secret Drum Corps will be performing in The End of the Show Show, and one lucky member of the studio audience will be playing to win the contents of a commercial break on the only show on telly that says ‘Don’t just watch the ads – win them!’

DRAMA: Hostages (Channel 4, 8pm – 9pm)

Whinge about the series all you like (plenty critics are still saying it’s flawed), but the fact is, if you’re still watching right up until this point, like the rest of us, you’re hooked.

Okay, so it does have plot holes, and yes, we realise we, as are the Sanders, are experiencing a touch of Stockholm Syndrome where Duncan (Dylan McDermott) is concerned, but every single episode has us gripped until the end credits roll.

As we race towards the finale, tonight Duncan locks the Sanders family in a room for the day, clearing the way for he and the team to eliminate the snipers targeting President Kincaid (James Naughton).

Meanwhile, the FBI agent’s mother-in-law Kate (Maureen Mueller) tells Burton of her plans to expose the premier.

The ever reliable Toni Collette (one of the stars of new movie Long Way Down) heads the cast as Dr Ellen Sanders.

GAME SHOW: The Cube (ITV, 8.25pm – 9.25pm)

Philip Schofield has come along way over the years, from playing Gordon the Gopher’s sidekick in CBBC’s ’Broom Cupboard’ to this award-winning, big money crowd-pleaser.

In the latest offering there’s a chance that personal trainer Annette could go home a lot richer if she manages to keep her nerve.

Her fellow contestant is Fred, who has a few years on his calorie-burning counterpart, but will his 64 years mean he’s smarter?

That remains to be seen as they take on a series of increasingly difficult challenges.

Friends, family and the studio audience will be watching their every move, while we at home (who aren’t viewing a recorded version), wait for those ad breaks to make a cuppa or nip to the loo.

With a cool quarter-of-a-million-pound jackpot at stake, there’s plenty of pressure on our players as they keep their eyes on the prize.

DRAMA: The Americans (ITV, 9.25pm – 10.20pm)

It’s difficult to know who to root for while watching this drama.

Should we side with Russian agents Philip and Elizabeth, seeing as they’re the central characters, or with Stan, the FBI man who’s trying to stop important information being leaked to the US’s Communist enemies?

Viewers are torn between the two factions regularly, and are kept on their toes by various plot twists and curve balls along the way.

This week is no exception. Elizabeth, like any mother, is desperate to keep her children out of the firing line of the assassins who have been targeting her fellow agents.

As a result, she sticks close to home – but is forced to venture out into the open after receiving a distress signal from an inexperienced colleague.

Philip, meanwhile, tries to find the mole within the consulate, but is distracted by a US resident with a surprise offer, and Nina becomes increasingly determined to make Stan pay for killing her friend.

FILM: Daredevil (Channel 4, 10.40pm – 12.40am)

(2003) A blind lawyer takes to the streets to fight the crooks that he can’t deal with in the courtroom, using his radar-like sensory perception.

He goes after underworld boss Kingpin, who controls the New York crime scene, but hot on his tracks is a deadly assassin who goes by the name of Bullseye and is determined to take him down.

This film is arguably let down by some hammy one-liners and a performance by Ben Affleck that’s a bit of an acquired taste.

But then, who watches a superhero film expecting realism and subtlety? So long as you’re in the mood for a slick, undemanding comic-book thriller, Daredevil fits the bill.

A scene-stealing performance from Jennifer Garner as Elektra only adds to the fun.

Starring: Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Garner and Michael Clarke Duncan Rating: 45%

FILM: Election (Channel 4, 12.40am – 2.25am)

(1999) Over-achieving, unstoppably enthusiastic high-school student Tracy Flick announces she’s running for class president – an idea that fills teacher Jim McAllister with dread.

In a bid to halt her seemingly inevitable rise to victory, he convinces dim-but-popular athlete Paul to stand against her.

However, when Paul’s rebellious sister decides to throw her hat into the ring as well, Jim’s plot begins to spiral out of control.

This is a sharp, dark comedy that takes a satirical look at more than just high-school politics.

Viewers of a certain age will find the sight of Matthew Broderick (aka quintessential cocky Eighties teen Ferris Bueller) playing a crumpled teacher especially poignant, but it’s Reese Witherspoon who runs away with the movie - she pulls off the difficult trick of making Tracy seem terrifying and oddly vulnerable at the same time.

Starring: Matthew Broderick, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Klein, Jessica Campbell, Phil Reeves, Mark Harelik Rating: 92%

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