What’s on TV tonight?

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What’s on TV tonight?

COMEDY: Birds of a Feather (UTV, 8.30pm)

They may have taken a 16-year break from our screens, but it seems viewers never forgot Sharon, Tracey and Dorien.

This week the ladies have love on their minds – and as you’d expect, they’ve chosen three very different men.

Meanwhile, Travis is having romantic problems of his own, and Garth and Marcie think they’ve come up with the perfect way to raise money for their pub refurbishment – they’re organising a pop-up restaurant evening.

But is Tracey’s kitchen really the ideal venue?

Aside from usual suspects Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph, watch out for a guest appearance from Jamie Foreman, better known as EastEnders’ dastardly Derek Branning.

DRAMA: Silent Witness (BBC One, 9pm)

Series 17 of the BBC’s enduring forensic drama continues with a disturbing two-parter.

The death of a pregnant girl found submerged in a suitcase leaves Nikki (Emilia Fox) and Jack (David Caves) determined to find both her killer, and the baby taken from her womb.

It’s believed she died within a 24 hour period: her body having been dumped only two hours before the end of it.

As the case unfolds, Thomas (Richard Lintern) spots connections between the victim and the criminal underworld.

There is no shortage of shady suspects involved, including the victim’s addict boyfriend Nuri (Fady Elsayed), and drug dealer Bekir (Akin Gazi).

ENTERTAINMENT: ICA Boot Camp (RTE 1, 10pm)

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Four bright, ambitious and pampered twenty-somethings have signed up to learn everything the ICA can teach them about fending for themselves.

From baking to hat-making, these girls have the chance to uncover hidden talents and learn skills that will save money and impress their peers.

But will getting back to basics be too much for the boom generation kids? Will their carefully French-manicured nails survive the ordeal?

Will the three old-school mentors learn anything while they try to teach their charges?

COMEDY: The Midnight Beast (E4, 10pm)

Stefan Abingdon, Andrew Wakely and Ashley Horne may not be household names, but in comedy circles they are three of the brightest new talents around.

They rose to fame on a certain video sharing site when their spoof of a Kesha song Tik Tok attracted more than a million hits.

In the first helping of series two, the trio hope to entertain revellers at a birthday party for 16-year-old Hope.

Simon Farnaby and the ever reliable Phil Cornwell also star.

Play Next Door (RTÉ One, 10.15pm)

Three well-known writers are sent to reside in an Irish community for a month.

During this time they live in a local property and, having explored the area, meet the locals and observe life in the surrounding district, write a play set in the property in which they are based.

Deirdre Purcell went to the seaside town of Bray Co. Wicklow and she spent a month in one of the town’s oldest establishments, The Bray Head Hotel at the end of the promenade.

The hotel is the setting for Deirdre Purcell’s first ever play.

'Play Next Door' comes in two parts: a documentary observing the writer as they live and write in their chosen location followed immediately by their play, recorded in the building in which they have been based during the writing process.

FILM: Seven Samurai (1954) (Film4, 11.10pm)

This is the film that inspired The Magnificent Seven. It’s a violent medieval adventure about a veteran swordsman who, having fallen on hard times, agrees to help a peasant village which has come under attack by bandit raiders.

It’s a masterpiece from director Akira Kurosawa, starring Toshiro Mifune, whose performance cannot be faulted in any way (not to detract attention from the other leads, who are every bit as captivating).

The cinematography is breathtaking, and Kurosawa demonstrates a keen eye for attention to detail in every single scene.

This is a long movie, yes, but stick with it and you’ll be rewarded for every single minute.

NEW ON NETFLIX: Frankie Boyle - The Last Days of Sodom

Frankie Boyle has been pilloried, misrepresented and demonised. And for what? For Telling It Like It Is.

Now he will attempt a final tour, to heal Britain's fools. To support its rioters. To offer the inchoate laughter of despair to a culture in freefall.

These are ‘The Last Days of Sodom’.

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