The story of Roar - one stuffed toy's epic journey back to its owner

Much-loved toy is found on train, and Twitter is mobilised to reunite it with its owner. The internet at its warm and fuzzy finest.

This morning in Yorkshire a little girl named Phoebe Simpson opened a shoebox that contained, to her, the most precious thing in the world.

Her stuffed lion, Roar, whom she had thought lost forever.

The story of how Roar made his way back to Phoebe is the internet at it's warm and fuzzy finest.


It all began on Friday when a young London dweller named Lauren Bishop Vranch tweeted the below pic.

En route to Newcastle for the night, she'd happened upon a stuffed animal in her train carriage.

Lauren wanted to harness the power of the internet to reunite the evidently much-loved bear - for at this point, a bear she thought it was - with its owner.

She was going to keep him safe and drop him back to the station

But first… he was going to have some fun.

So Lauren and her new furry friend found shelter from the winter winds of Newcastle in the nearest pub.

And settled into their digs for the night.

Before hitting the town for some theatrical treats.

The next morning, the duo ambled about the city before it was time to again catch a train southwards.

By this stage, a wistul bear/lion was wondering what was to become of him, and were his family missing him?

Back in London - a snag! *dramatic music*

Would the poor little guy ever get home?

A bit of telly to take his mind off things.

In the meantime, news of his adventures had spread around the internet.

Finally, a breakthrough!

Not a bear, but a lion! A lion named Roar! Who had gotten separated from his owner Phoebe during a surprise trip to London with her and her dad.

All's well that ends well.

And today, Roar was back where he belonged.

The internet.

Sometimes it's just brilliant.


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