New Yorkers pass up chance to cash in on Banksy art

Notoriously secretive artist sells original work for peanuts on street stall in NY - just three people buy.

New Yorkers pass up chance to cash in on Banksy art

Even if you're not familiar with the world of graffiti and urban street art, you'll more than likely have heard of Banksy, right?

The British artist - famed for his subversive street stencilling and notorious for protecting his real identity, has this month been undertaking an 'artist's residency' in New York.

And on Saturday, probably the world's most secretive artist set up a stall in Central Park, selling original works of art for as little as $30.

However most people assumed that the canvasses were knock-offs - and just three stopped to buy.

Here's what happened:

Entitled Better Out Than In: An Artist Residency on the Streets of New York, Banksy's 'live' exhibition will last for a month, with him creating a different work every day - including a truckload of squealing soft toys driven around the city's meatpacking district on October 11.

While Banksy's Big Apple sojourn has been creating headlines around the world, some enterprising souls in East NY thought they'd also like a slice of the pie - by covering up one of the artist's pieces with cardboard and charging visitors $5 to take a look.

For more on Banksy in New York check out the artist's blog

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