Boss hits back

Don't you just hate seeing your job advertised after you quit in viral fashion.

Boss hits back

Yesterday we brought you Marina V Shifrin's story.

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Except she didn't just leave a letter of resignation on his desk or send an email.

She left a video for her boss.

Note: She works for a company that makes viral videos.

Can you guess what happened next? Can you?


Her boss accepted her resignation, through the medium of interpretive dance, set to the same soundtrack (Kanye West's 'Gone').

The video also advertised her position.

She didn't think that was going to be the end of it, did she?

Apart from proving he too had a sense of humour too Mark Simon (who hired her) wrote to Gawker and explained the situation.

"Marina actually thinks enough of me to have given me a call the Thursday before she released this to say that she was resigning," he explained.

"I asked her to tell her bosses, as I took our call to be in confidence.

"The first her boss saw was the video," he added.

Mr Simon went on to explain that although she may have meant the gesture as a bit of fun there have been some attacks on the managers and work practices as a result.

"Marina herself has said we are a great company to work for, and I do not think she intended to hurt anyone, but it has happened."

Mr Simon finished his explanatory letter by saying that Marina was treated well and did not work an extortionate amount as was implied in her video.

He also made himself available to answer any questions by Skype or by phone.

"I am not spitting nastiness at Marina, but in her 9 months with us we sent her to Hong Kong twice, to Thailand for a media conference, and she just came back a month ago from two weeks in LA and NYC where she was pitching animation stories".

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