The Breaking Bad party

The television event of the year is upon us, as the world’s favourite TV show of the moment came to an end at 2am (Irish Time) in the US this morning.

The Breaking Bad party

The television event of the year is upon us, as the world’s favourite TV show of the moment came to an end at 2am (Irish Time) in the US this morning.

It will be available for us Irish folks to stream on Netflix this morning, meaning there’ll be many a finale viewing party put together.

Including the music, the drinks and the decoration, here’s how to throw a party worthy of Heisenberg himself.

1. Blue rock candy

Fun fact - the blue meth they use on the show was, in the early seasons at least, just hard-boiled sugar sweets from a local shop. The cast handed them out to set visitors. has the recipe you need - a pretty simple boil-it-up-and-cool-it process so long as you watch the temperature.

Voilà! Genuine blue ice.

2. Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken

This one’s dead easy. Take any fried / breaded chicken from the freezer aisle (or from your local chipper if you’re feeling spendy) and cook it up – but serve it Gus Fring style.

Dave’s geeky Things has made a great design for Los Pollos Hermanos paper bags, which you can get for free here. Just be sure to follow his examples for printing on the bags, which you should be able to find in the supermarket.

His designs are made to fit a 5-and-a-half-inch (14cm) bag, so you may need to move it around a bit to fit dead center. Or you could print it on sticker paper or glue it wherever you want. also created the logo for Walt’s favourite pizza place. Perfect for throwing on the garage roof.

3. Stick one of these on the door

A poster for easy identification of the party venue.

By the very talented Andrew Arizona on Deviantart.

4. Cocktails

You’ll want to toast Walt and Jessie in style, and though your drug of choice might be alcohol, let’s face it – it will still have to be blue. That leaves you pretty much limited to using Blue Curacao unless you want to get creative with food colouring.

Try the classic Blue Lagoon, or a Blue Hawaiin.

If you’re looking for something a little less sweet, Flavorwire came up with the fittingly-named Blue Ice, which is simply vodka, Curacao and lime served over ice.

5. Schraderbrau!

Toast Hank’s memory with a bottle of his very own.

Just print out the Schraderbrau image above (or here) and slap it over the top of the label on your favourite beer.


6. Funyuns, yo!

Oh, Jessie. We’re going to miss your enthusiasm for strange, everyday items (science, bitch!). Snack like the champ himself with his favourite cooking accessory – funyuns!

Luckily, a genius over at BakinBit has already created printable sheets. Nab yourself some sticker paper from the stationery shop or print them out and glue them to bags of onion ring crisps and Gatorade bottles.

You might also want to check out their full sticker / magnet set for some nifty ideas.

7. Music

Spotify has the Breaking Bad official soundtrack by Dave Porter, and you can find it right here.

8. Placecards / Name badges

Completely unnecessary for this party – it’s not a wedding, after all – but a whole bunch of fun.

AMC have an official Breaking Bad Name Lab app that will generate a spiffy-looking name tag in the style of the show’s logo.

The only downside is it generates your name by signing in with Facebook - making it a little tricky to generate ones for your friends.

If you’re handy with Photoshop, however, you can quickly knock together what you need by following this tutorial.

It’s what we used for this post’s title image.

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