Has anyone really thought Trap's departure through properly?


So it's official the FAI have confirmed the departure of Giovanni Trapattoni from the Republic of Ireland job.

But that's neither here nor there… WHAT ABOUT MANUELA?

There has been a public outcry for the adored translator with #SaveManuela all over the twitter machine.

People are desperately wracking their brains trying to think of a job title to give Manuela so she can stay.

Some think she should be awarded some senior position in the FAI, other suggestions were not so useful.

Someone actually contacted us here in BreakingNews to suggest that she be kept on to explain the offside rule to the women of Ireland - Needless to say we were as unimpressed as Manuela would be.

Here were some more reactions and suggestions on the #SaveManuela viral campaign:

It wasn't just translations we loved her for though. She always got stuck into the #COYBIG atmosphere.

The Italian language expert was always up for a laugh and although being Trapattoni's right-hand woman she made time for other ventures too.

In 2012 she replaced comedian Maeve Higgins to learn an instrument on RTÉ’s Instrumental programme.

Indeed she mastered the cello and impressed everyone when she played with Brent Pope and John Murray at a wedding.

One thing is for sure with Trap out of the picture Manuela is sure to get a lot more of questions like this:

There has been mixed reactions about Mr Trapattoni himself (I suppose we should give him a mention)

Some supportive

Some not so supportive

Some not pointing the finger of blame at Trap at all.

Here are some reminders of him anyway (If you want to save time Manuela is in the third video)

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