Blurred Lines… just got even more blurred

What if somebody remade the Blurred Lines video with hot, half-naked boys instead of girls? Somebody did.

Blurred Lines… just got even more blurred

If you've seen the video for Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines - especially the uncensored version, you'll know that it's been a little bit controversial.

The clip features Thicke, Pharrell Williams and rapper T.I. cavorting with a bevy of almost-naked models, raising eyebrows in light of the song's 'You know you want it…' refrain, and was banned by YouTube.

Yes, we said cavorting.

Yes, we said bevy.

If you're a guy, you might have thought "hey, it's only some chicks in the nip, what's the fuss?"

If you're a girl, you might have thought "how would the guys like it if the tables were turned?"

Well, those table have been given a right old twist by Seattle 'boylesque' troupe Mod Carousel.

Have a watch below and tell us what you think.

(Video is NSFW, obviously. Unless you work in Pantibar. In which case you're pretty much unshockable)

(Mod Carousel via YouTube)

"We made this video specifically to show a spectrum of sexuality as well as present both women and men in a positive light, one where objectifying men is more than alright and where women can be strong and sexy without negative repercussions," the makers explain.

Meanwhile - you might be interested to know that the original Robin Thicke video was shot by Diane Martel - yes, a woman (just throwing it out there).

"The video is making fun of itself, and that’s what’s very crucial about it," model Emily Ratajkowski, one of its stars, said in an interview recently.

"You have naked women dancing around in the video. It sounds pretty bad, right?

"But when you look more into the attitudes of the women and how we’re making direct eye-contact [with the camera]—we’re ignoring these guys, we’re having fun.

"Women’s bodies are beautiful. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We should be able to dance around naked and celebrate our beauty."

The jury, we suspect, is out.

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