Miss Utah eagerly looking forward to the swimsuit round

Because it can't go any worse for her than the Question and Answer round.

Miss Utah eagerly looking forward to the swimsuit round

Spare a thought today for Miss Utah 2013, Marissa Powell.

The model, actress and beauty pageant contestant was taking part in the televised Miss USA show last night when she lost her train of thought while answering a question about the comparative earnings of men and women in the US workforce.

So while the crown went to Miss Connecticut, Erin Brady, it's poor Marissa's verbal stumblings that have caught fire online today, for all the wrong reasons.

We're going to hold off on criticising Marissa too much, because we probably wouldn't have done much better, and because it's too much like this.

Morto for her.

And in case you're wondering, the last big beauty pageant answer #FAIL came courtesy of Miss South Carolina in the 2007 Miss Teen competition.

Answers on a postcard, please.

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