Beckinsale wants to get back to romcoms

Kate Beckinsale wants to return to romantic comedies.

Kate Beckinsale wants to return to romantic comedies.

The 'Underworld' actress - who has 13-year-old Lily with former partner Michael Sheen - is known for her action film roles but would love to be offered more romantic comedy parts in the future - if the scripts were funny enough.

Asked whether she would consider making a comeback to the genre, Kate told Total Film magazine: "I hope so. I really like the idea of doing as many things as possible.

"I haven't done many romantic comedies because I'm a huge snob about comedy and I often don't find them very funny."

The 38-year old actress currently stars in Len Wiseman's sci-fi remake 'Total Recall' with Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel and Bill Nighy. She plays Lori, Colin's feisty on-screen wife who helps him run from the police after a memory-altering procedure goes awry.

Kate is delighted with her new role and admitted that big blockbuster roles are few and far between.

She said: "The ones that make you go, 'Ooh, let me play that' don't come around every two weeks. I'll go months, maybe even years where I don't find something that I want to do.

"And sometimes you go, 'Right that's it, I can't hibernate forever and you do something that isn't your dream job, but gives you something that's interesting."

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