Fassbender: 'Shame was 'disturbing'

Michael Fassbender found his latest movie 'Shame' to be "pretty disturbing".

Michael Fassbender found his latest movie 'Shame' to be "pretty disturbing".

The Irish actor plays New York office worker Brandon, who has an uncontrollable libido and whose life is disrupted by the arrival of sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan), in the sex addiction movie, and he says some of the physical extremes reached through filming were distressing.

Michael - who dropped to nine stone when he starred in 2008 film 'Hunger' - said: "I had to lose weight for 'Hunger', but I had a timetable to stick to. But 'Shame' was pretty disturbing; the idea of what my character is about, the relationships, intimacy and how that's a difficult thing for some people."

Despite being nude for a large part of the film, the 34-year-old star - who has already won Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival for the role - admits he was embarrassed by parading around the set without many clothes on.

He added: "People are going: 'Oh my God, you're naked! What's that going to do for your career?' I'm not a politician. My job is to facilitate characters. I'm a storyteller and that's it, end of story.

"I don't feel comfortable parading around naked in what is essentially, at the beginning, a room full of strangers, but it had to be done. Besides, my imagination was much more devious than what was in the script."

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