Roxy Music frontman marries again

Bryan Ferry has married for a second time.

Bryan Ferry has married for a second time.

The 'Slave to Love' singer tied the knot with PR Amanda Sheppard - who he met in 2009 - in a romantic ceremony on the beach at a luxury resort on the Turks and Caicos Islands on January 4.

Amanda, 30, wore a white Lanvin dress for the ceremony, while the 66-year-old Roxy Music singer wore a dark blue suit by Anderson & Sheppard.

Bryan who claims he "didn't really do the rock star thing" in his younger days, said last year he felt lucky to have found a younger girlfriend.

He said: "The interesting thing is - and I don't want to say the wrong thing in case I get into trouble with my girlfriend - you never really meet people your own age who aren't married.

"I'm very fortunate that I work in music, where you're in touch with different age groups, either the audience or people you work with. It does help. Obviously I'm not ageist!"

Bryan was previously married to Lucy Helmore for 21-years, with whom he has four grown up sons, Otis, Isaac, Tara and Merlin. He has been linked to a number of famous women in his career including dancer Katie Turner, and Jerry Hall, who left him for The Rolling Stones Singer Sir Mick Jagger.

Bryan isn't worried about the age gap between him and Amanda, as he is young at heart.

He previously said: "Well, it's OK when I look in the mirror because I'm prepared for what I see but sometimes I catch sight of myself in a shop window and I think, 'Who's that old guy.'

"I've not quite caught up with my age. In my head I still think I'm 35. But I think everyone is pretty much the same."

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