Clarkson retreats to ranch for 'me' time

Kelly Clarkson "hates" talking about herself.

Kelly Clarkson "hates" talking about herself.

The 'Breakaway' hitmaker – who admitted to hitting "rock bottom" five years ago, struggling to come to terms with her fame - finds it "really narcissistic" and "draining" to discuss her career on a daily basis.

She said: "My job is a lot of talking about myself, so that's really narcissistic. It can get draining. Towards the end of the day I'm like, 'I hate Kelly Clarkson.'

"So, I think it's just healthy to have some time off now and again, that way I have off time for me and do something fresh for interviews. You don't get used to talking about yourself. Well, I hope I don’t!"

The brunette beauty prefers to spend time on her Texas ranch, which she shares with around 50 animals, rather than go out because she knows people will start asking her questions.

She added: "When I relax I simply don't do anything. I literally hang out on my land, I just walk around and hang out with my animals. We have a big ranch and I don't do anything – it's great.

"The last thing I want to do is go out. People will be like, 'Hey' and then they start asking you questions and it's like sometimes you just need to like, not talk."

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