Hawn 'wanted open marriage', ex claims

Goldie Hawn wanted an open marriage, her ex-husband has claimed.

Goldie Hawn wanted an open marriage, her ex-husband has claimed.

Bill Hudson – who was married to the Hollywood star for four years until 1980 and has two children, actress Kate and Oliver with her – claims his former spouse had a string of affairs during their union, including with actors Warren Beatty and Yves Renier.

In his new book, 'Two Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family', Bill claims Goldie was very frank about her extramarital affairs.

Detailing an incident where she told him she was having an affair with a Swedish man named Bruno, Bill wrote: “'I have something to tell you,' Goldie said. 'I’ve been seeing this guy in Sweden. His name is Bruno, and he’s coming to the States on Monday. He’s going to stay here for a couple of weeks before I leave to start shooting the movie in Denver with George Segal.

“My mouth dropped open. I didn’t know how to respond. ‘Wait, weren’t we just saying how much we love each other? Didn’t we just make love for days on end? And now you tell me this guy is coming here and staying with you? Are you going to tell him about us?’

“She glared at me but didn’t say a word. That was all the answer I needed. ‘When you are finished with Bruno, you can call me. You have my number.’ And I left.”

However, according to Bill, Goldie eventually returned to him in tears and said he was her "soul mate" but she wanted an open relationship.

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