'BB' couple break up

'Big Brother' winner Josie Gibson and John James Parton have split up.

'Big Brother' winner Josie Gibson and John James Parton have split up.

The pair found love as contestants in the final series of the Channel 4 reality show last year, but despite their fairytale romance, they have called time on their relationship after 10 months - with her accusing him of being "boring" while he alleges she is "jealous".

In a final interview together before John James heads back to his native Australia, he said it was his decision to leave, telling OK! magazine: "If this was the first time or the first 50 times, that we have reached breaking point I'd agree I should stay and work it out, but it's got to the 180th time. I am too mentally drained."

Josie added: "It was John's decision but I probably pushed him to it. John has said things that have really, really upset me, but my temper is way out of line."

Josie admitted to throwing a lipstick, a shoe and a coat hanger at her boyfriend, but managed to stop short of throwing a vase. Two of the main points of conflict the splitting couple admit to are John James' reluctance to take Josie out and her consumption of alcohol.

Speaking at their London home, Josie complained: "We're trapped in this flat. He doesn't even like the curtains open. He doesn't like daylight."

John James countered: "It's not that I don't want to do things with you, Josie, I'm just not interested in the same things you want to do, like hot air ballooning and s**t like that. I can't be f***ed.

"I don't want to go out on benders, I've been drunk six times in my life. She's been drunk more times since I've known her than that."

Josie claimed John James was making her out to be a "raging alcoholic" and said she'd only been out five times since the end of 'Big Brother' in August 2010.

Although John James said he didn't know if he will be coming back to the UK, Josie added she would be left "gutted" and "heartbroken".

The pair also admitted the last time they truly felt happy together was when they were in the reality TV house together.

This morning Josie tweeted: "Me & John r on a break. We r going to see if we can work things out. We may, we may not. I will not be tweeting about our relationship again (sic)."

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