Michele keen to get Bieber on 'Glee'

Lea Michele wants Justin Bieber to appear on ‘Glee’.

Lea Michele wants Justin Bieber to appear on ‘Glee’.

The brunette beauty is excited about forthcoming celebrity cameos in the US musical drama series but would love producers to approach the teenage singing sensation about a role in the show.

She told E! Online: "I don't know about Justin Bieber coming on the show, but he would be awesome.

“But I will tell you this—breaking news from Lea Michele!—we have an Academy Award winner coming on ‘Glee’ in the next few episodes that is not Justin Bieber."

However, the 24-year-old actress – who plays Rachel Berry in the show – is disappointed she won’t get the chance to cosy up to Javier Bardem when he makes a guest appearance.

Speaking about the forthcoming appearance of the actor – who is expecting a baby with wife Penelope Cruz – Lea joked: "I know the storyline and it's not with me. Maybe I'll be like, 'Don't I look like Penelope Cruz? Hey, It's me—I'm Penelope.' "

Justin, 16, may welcome the chance to appear on the show alongside people of a similar age after recently confessing he finds life on the road can get lonely.

He said: “Lonely, yeah. I want to hang out with my friends, but I need security. I’m going to get my dog to come on the road in a couple of weeks.”

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