Dowling wins 'Ultimate Big Brother'

From trolley dolly to reality television king – Brian Dowling was tonight crowned the winner of Ultimate Big Brother.

From trolley dolly to reality television king – Brian Dowling was tonight crowned the winner of Ultimate Big Brother.

A shocked looking Dowling won the public vote, beating Nikki Grahame to the prize.

The former Ryanair steward was catapulted to fame after winning Big Brother 2 in 2001.

Dowling repeatedly yelled ``Oh my God!'' when his name was called and hugged Grahame.

“I love you. Well done,” she said before heading outside.

Grahame, who first entered the house in 2006 dressed as a Playboy bunny, was known for her tantrums.

In third place was Chantelle Houghton who won Celebrity Big Brother in 2006 despite being the only housemate who was not actually famous.

Grahame told McCall taking part in Ultimate Big Brother ``has meant the absolute world to me''.

“I’m so honoured to have been part of it.

“It still doesn’t feel real.”

Grahame said she tried to contain her stroppy side this time around.

“You have to consider the other housemates. I have had to bite my tongue lots of times but I kind of erupted inside. I have learned to do that. It’s taken four years.”

She said Dowling was “the most deserving winner”.

Grahame said Big Brother changed her life and she was “so grateful”.

Third placed Houghton spoke of her feelings for ex-husband Preston when she left the house tonight.

The Essex glamour girl, who took part in the 2006 celebrity show when she had to pretend to be a singer with fictional pop band Kandy Floss, met the Ordinary Boys singer in the house and romance blossomed.

The couple married but split after 10 months and later divorced.

They remained friends and viewers were delighted to see them reunited in the house this summer, many hoping the pair would get back together, especially as they marked what would have been their fourth anniversary while inside.

Houghton, who admitted she still had feelings for Preston, told McCall: “It’s a different outcome now. Obviously we’re not going to be together.”

She was often tearful in the house and said: “My head was a complete mess the whole time.

“It’s such a sad situation. I don’t think I realised how sad it was until I spent so much time with him.

“I hadn’t ever really got over what happened between us.”

Preston remained oblivious to her misery until this afternoon when she confessed, anxious that he would hear about it during his post-eviction interview.

“Everyone knows, and even Preston now knows, how I feel,” she said.

“I’m going to talk to him properly tomorrow.”

Preston had left viewers guessing about whether the couple would reconcile when he spoke to McCall when he became the second person booted out earlier this evening.

He told McCall: “I think it’s rare for people who are divorced to ever be in a situation where you can spend a big amount of time with each other.”

He said Houghton was “a flipping great girl” but he still remembered why they had split up.

“It wasn’t a Mickey Mouse glossy magazine break-up. It was really dark for both of us and messed us both up quite a lot.”

He said the pair had “matured in different directions” and he had not been aware that Houghton still had feelings for him until today.

Preston, whose full name is Samuel Preston, said the house was not the ideal environment to talk things through but he said once both left “she can tell me what she couldn’t say in the house” and admitted there were “strong feelings” between them.

McCall asked Preston about his current girlfriend but his answer was ambiguous.

“We have been video chatting before I came in. I need to talk to her. I’ve no idea,” he said.

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