Winehouse all partied out

Amy Winehouse has pledged to cut down on partying.

Amy Winehouse has pledged to cut down on partying.

The troubled singer has reportedly told pals she fears her wild ways could drive away her boyfriend Reg Traviss – who was pictured holding hands with his ex-girlfriend Raven Iris last weekend – and has vowed to stop drinking so much.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Amy’s worried her drinking is driving him into his ex-girlfriend’s arms.

“Reg gets fed up with babysitting her when she’s drunk and talking nonsense.

“She’s crazy about him and really wants to keep hold of him, as he’s a good influence on her.”

Since Traviss and Raven were spotted together, the ‘Psychosis’ director has enjoyed several dates with Winehouse, where the couple have appeared as much in love as ever.

Winehouse and Traviss got together after they met at his parents' pub in central London earlier this year - when the filmmaker was reportedly still in a two-year relationship with blonde-haired burlesque dancer Iris.

At the time, the busty dancer said: "Amy can't steal my man. He's told me they are just friends and I believe him. There's no way he'd leave me for Amy."

The ‘Rehab’ singer - who ended her reconciled relationship with ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil after meeting Traviss - has had her new romance approved by her father Mitch Winehouse, and the couple have been pictured on nights out with the singer's parents several times over the past few months.

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