'The Joneses' fails to spark

'The Joneses'

'The Joneses'

(Cert 15, 93 mins, Drama/Comedy/Romance)

Steve Jones (David Duchovny) and his wife Kate (Demi Moore) move into a wealthy gated community with teenage children Jenn (Amber Heard) and Mick (Ben Hollingsworth).

The measure of a man in this moneyed enclave isn’t his achievements but the price of his car or the jewellery draped around his wife’s surgically lifted neck.

To that end, the Joneses fit in perfectly and in a matter of weeks, Steve, Kate, Jenn and Mick are redefining what’s hot and what’s not as the old residents dig deep into their trust funds to keep up with the fabulous new arrivals.

Yet there is more to the perfectly tailored clan than meets the eye.

The film is a big tease for the opening 20 minutes as director Derrick Borte withholds the narrative ace up his sleeve as long as he can because once his grand design is revealed, the film slowly loses momentum.

Moore looks fabulous in a role that plays to her strengths as a feisty, independent woman, and she generates significant on-screen heat with Duchovny, making the conventional happy ending a little easier to swallow.

Rating: ***

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