Mitch Winehouse rushed to hospital

Amy Winehouse’s father was rushed to hospital with chest pains.

Amy Winehouse’s father was rushed to hospital with chest pains.

Mitch was taken to see medical staff with chest pains after a holiday in Spain and yesterday doctors were carrying out a series of tests on him at the London Clinic on Harley Street to discover what is wrong.

As source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Mitch visited a Spanish doctor and after flying into London he went straight from the airport to the hospital.

The whole family have been to visit him and trying to calm him down.”

The 59-year-old taxi driver recently released an album ‘Rush Of Love’ but has cancelled all of his work and promotional commitments for the LP and his upcoming tour.

A spokesman said: “Mitch’s manager is now on his way to see him in hospital.”

Amy is distraught her beloved dad is ill and rushed straight to his side when she discovered he had been taken unwell.

The 26-year-old singer has been partying hard in the last week.

She went on one binge which resulted in her passing out on a park bench, and also offended King of the Zulus Goodwill Zwelithini by falling asleep during his speech at the opening of new African-themed restaurant Shaka Zulu in London which she attended with boyfriend Reg Traviss.

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