Iglesias reveals 'disgusting' fan presents

Enrique Iglesias gets sent “disgusting” gifts by his fans.

Enrique Iglesias gets sent “disgusting” gifts by his fans.

The ‘Hero’ hitmaker – who has been dating tennis ace Anna Kournikova for years – has revealed some of his admirers have no limits in what they are prepared to do to get his attention.

He said: “A few years ago I got a really strange gift from a fan – it was really disgusting, a used Tampax! That’s the strangest thing!”

Although unusual mail does nothing for him, the 35-year-old singer has revealed what he does find attractive in a woman – independence.

He said: “I think independence in a woman is a great quality. Someone who you know doesn’t necessarily depend on you. I know women or men that need someone to lean on.

“It’s good to be independent and strong.”

However, the chart-topping star – who is the son of iconic crooner Julio Iglesias – couldn’t date girl who hampered his music.

He said: “You need to be with someone who doesn’t get in the way of what you love. If you love your job, someone that doesn’t create any type of barrier between that. That, for me, is a big turn-off.”

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