Winehouse boyfriend gets parental approval

Amy Winehouse's parents approve of her new boyfriend.

Amy Winehouse's parents approve of her new boyfriend.

The troubled 'Back To Black' singer – who recently ended her reconciled romance with ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil – introduced director Reg Traviss to her parents Mitch and Janis at a concert her father was performing in London and was delighted at how well the family bonded with the filmmaker.

An unnamed family member said of Traviss: "He's a great guy and doing wonders for Amy. They're seriously loved up and it's wonderful for everyone who loves Amy to see.

“Reg looked nervous. He's met her dad before but not her mum and step-mum.”

Amy – who has a history of drug addiction – is said to have delighted her loved ones with how much she has changed since ending her romance with Fielder-Civil to embark on a relationship with Traviss.

The family member added to the Daily Star newspaper: "We're so happy she's ditched her ex Blake and is living a normal life, in love, happy and looking forward to the future. That's how a 26-year-old should look and feel. Not many of us had any time for Blake, he was a waste of space and ruined the Amy we all loved dearly."

Mitch has previously spoken of his happiness about Amy’s new romance.

He said: "I'm happy she's got a new boyfriend. I'm happy she's moving on with her life. He's a normal guy, very nice."

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