'X-Factor' crowds jeer Spice Girl

Geri Halliwell was booed at the 'X-Factor' auditions, it has emerged.

Geri Halliwell was booed at the 'X-Factor' auditions, it has emerged.

The former Spice Girls star, who was a temporary judge to replace Dannii Minogue, who is currently on maternity leave, angered the crowds in Glasgow with her "spiteful" remarks, with fans even chanting "Bring back Dannii" after she failed to use a casting vote to put through a wannabe named Katie.

One source said: "Geri had the chance to please the crowd and many were shouting Katie's name. But Geri ignored them and turned Katie down, causing the crowd to go crazy.

"Eventually they invited Katie back but Geri was judged to be the executioner and she never recovered from that."

Another source said: "It all started well for Geri and then she blew it. She was quite mean. Even the other judges were a bit taken aback by some of her comments. She even outdid Simon Cowell. Some people were saying: 'Thank God she's only a stand-in.' "

Halliwell, who was previously a judge on 2002 show 'Popstars: The Rivals', reportedly stormed off stage at one point in response to the hostile crowd, with head judge Cowell having to go and pacify her.

One fan wrote on website DigitalSpy: "Geri was awful. After one audition she left the judges' table before being followed by Simon. Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh looked bemused when the warm up guy announced we were having an early break.

"It wasn't until a few auditions in she really started to irritate. On a number of occasions, the judges would do the 'yes or no' section. Simon would go, 'It's a no' and the auditionee would leave but she would then pipe up with more comments on the performance. This isn't the time to do it."

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