Bridges relishing 'Tron' return

Jeff Bridges is pleased to be going back to ‘Tron’.

Jeff Bridges is pleased to be going back to ‘Tron’.

The 60-year-old actor, who recently won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in ‘Crazy Heart’, returns in ‘Tron Legacy’ as character Kevin Flynn in the follow-up to the original 1982 movie, and admits it is a job he enjoys.

He said: “It seems like we had a long weekend, basically. Because Steven Lisberger who directed the first one, he's involved, very involved in this one - which is great. You know, having the source of the material still engaged in it.

“I think it gave us all a lot of pleasure because he's such a wild cat, but it also kind of grounded in that first movie that was so unique and everything.”

Jeff also admits he was surprised when a follow-up to the sci-fi action movie was first discussed.

He told website Cinematical: “I heard that years before it came out I heard oh, they're going to do a ‘Tron’ two and I couldn't believe it. I said, you're kidding me? Nothing happened, and then finally this came about and I was so pleased and we did kind of a – I guess it's not that strange.”

‘Tron Legacy’ which also stars Michael Sheen and Olivia Wilde, is expected to be released worldwide in December.

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