Cole has meeting with divorce lawyer

Cheryl Cole has met Prince Charles’ former divorce lawyer to discuss her separation from her husband.

Cheryl Cole has met Prince Charles’ former divorce lawyer to discuss her separation from her husband.

The ‘Fight for This Love’ singer – who met her soccer player spouse Ashley Cole last Friday for the first time since his alleged infidelities were revealed – has reportedly visited Fiona Shackleton in a bid to legally end her marriage as quickly as possible.

A source told the Mail Online website: “Cheryl is being told she should not drag this through the courts. Lawyers for Ashley could build a case that she wasn't the perfect wife either.

“She has hardly seen him for months on end due to work and her mother Joan's presence in the house has hardly been conducive to romance.”

It is unclear whether or not Cheryl has formally asked the Payne Hicks Beach law firm – who represented the British prince during his divorce from the late Princess Diana and Paul McCartney during his split from Heather Mills - to represent her.

The 26-year-old beauty has been told their assets are likely to be divided equally, because they have been married for less than four years.

Their lavish home – a six-bedroom mansion in Surrey believed to be worth £6m – will also be put up for sale and the profit split.

As well as Ashley’s alleged cheating, it has been claimed the couple often rowed about Cheryl’s friendship with Black Eyed Peas star

The hip-hop star – who produced Cheryl’s solo album ‘3 Words’ – admitted at the weekend he would move to Britain “if it meant being with her”.

A source explained: "'s comments about his wife are not news or a surprise to Ashley. He and Cheryl rowed about it last year.

"She's done absolutely nothing wrong but Ashley's sick of this man openly making advances toward her."

Despite these tensions, Cheryl – who has been forced to cancel several public appearances after falling unwell with bronchitis – was apparently pleased with her brief visit from Ashley on Friday.

The 29-year-old sportsman went to their luxurious home to pick up some clothes and meet Cheryl.

A source explained: “Cheryl was taken aback by how calm and civil it was. There were no shouting matches and he didn’t beg her to take him back.

“Meeting him was a big step for her. She can now concentrate on getting better and is desperate to get back to work and focus on her career. She just wants to move on.”

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