Wedding a surprise to Reid's parents

Alex Reid’s parents didn’t know he was marrying Katie Price.

Alex Reid’s parents didn’t know he was marrying Katie Price.

The cage-fighter’s mother Carol and father Bob are thrilled their 34-year-old son jetted to Las Vegas to marry the former glamour model on Tuesday – even though they only found out about the nuptials following a late night telephone call.

Carol, 69, told the Daily Star newspaper: “We had no idea but we’re so happy for him. This is what he has always wanted. He called in the middle of the night and I spoke to both of them. They were really, really happy. There is no disappointment for us about not being there, we are just genuinely pleased for them.”

Bob, 71, added: “This is magical for him.”

Katie, 31, and Alex were married at the Wynn Hotel on Tuesday afternoon, before spending their wedding night at a strip club with friends. They claimed they hadn’t signed a magazine deal because their union was based solely on their love for each other.

However, it has been revealed their “secret” ceremony was actually being recorded by two camera crews, who were capturing footage for her ITV reality show.

As well as filming the ceremony, it is believed the crew also attended the pair’s raunchy wedding party at the Spearmint Rhino strip club afterwards.

The newlyweds and crew were joined in the club’s private room by her best friends, Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner – who gave Katie away during their $635 (€460) ceremony - her agent Diane Colburt and Alex’s best man, fellow cage-fighter Josh Hathaway, 22.

During the alcohol-fuelled evening, the group are believed to have spent over $31,750 (€23,000) – most of which was their bill for champagne.

At one point, the outspoken model is said to shouted: “We’re Mr. and Mrs. Reid, the haters are going to love this. This will show them.”

The pair were reportedly intoxicated as they watched the exotic dancers strip and perform in the private area. The group was later spotted leaving the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, after spending four hours in the club’s private room called The Skybox – which costs $1,000 (€720) an hour, and showcases their best dancers.

One club source said: “All sorts of stuff goes up in The Skybox. That’s where you get the best treatment. Anything can happen in The Skybox – the girls really let go.”

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