Flirting resumes between Ivanova and Basshunter

Katia Ivanova and Basshunter have started flirting again.

Katia Ivanova and Basshunter have started flirting again.

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ couple, who have spent nights in bed together and kissed, resumed flirting after calling Katia – who faces eviction tomorrow called it off at the beginning of the week.

Responding to Katia’s question about who he would most like to be on a desert island with: ‘All I Ever Wanted’ producer Basshunter – real name Jonas Altberg – said: “You”.

He then told her that he was keeping a bus pass left over from a previous task as a memento, and added: “You owe me that at least.”

Later, the housemates discussed the unusual relationship without realising Katia was still in the bedroom.

Dane Bowers said to Nicola T: “Is that all back on now? It is a bit bizarre. He will look stupid and she’ll look like a d**k as well.”

An angry Katia butted in: “What are you talking about? It’s none of your business. Don’t talk as if we’re not here. It’s rude.”

She then went out in to the garden and said: “The rudest thing just happened. Dane and Nic were talking about me when they knew I was there. How could they say that in the room, knowing I was there?”

Meanwhile, fellow housemate, former ‘Dynasty’ star Stephanie Beacham revealed she was once offered £40,000 (€44,878) for sex.

After professing her interest in former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, Stephanie said: “Highest I’ve ever been offered for a night is 40,000 UK pounds.”

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