Harrelson fasts for 40 days

Woody Harrelson recently fasted for 40 days.

Woody Harrelson recently fasted for 40 days.

The ‘Zombieland’ actor – who is a strict vegan and also tries to eat as much raw food as possible - has revealed he recently gave up eating for the lengthy amount of time to detox.

He said: “I went 22 days only having fruit juice, the rest of the time water. Also, I haven’t spoken a single word for most of the time. But it was totally worth it. Previously, I felt physically and spiritually blocked. Now I feel great."

Woody, 48, is also a yoga enthusiast and claims the best cure for a hangover is a long meditation session and a good stretch.

The actor – who lives on Maui, Hawaii, in an almost fully self-sustained community – added to Germany’s In magazine: “If you have a hangover a headstand is the best thing to do. Get up and do a yoga session.”

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