Terminator Salvation bleak and sombre affair

Terminator Salvation (Cert 12, 110 mins, Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller)

Terminator Salvation (Cert 12, 110 mins, Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller)

John Connor (Christian Bale) leads the dwindling human race against Skynet and its relentless army of Terminators, with his doctor wife Kate (Bryce Dallas Howard).

Like the machines, John searches in vain for Kyle Reese, the man who is destined to be sent back in time to protect his mother — and also the man who will become his father.

Meanwhile on the devastated US west coast, man-machine hybrid Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) crosses paths with Kyle (Yelchin) and his nine-year-old mute ward Star (Jadagrace Berry) during an attack by a T-600.

Director McG’s all-guns-blazing reboot of the Terminator series sows the seeds of a new trilogy charting John Connor’s rise to leader of the Resistance in the aftermath of Judgment Day.

The fourth film is a very bleak and sombre affair, a colour-bleached war opus that pits the last vestiges of humanity against a fully aware Skynet and its robotic foot soldiers.

Rating: ***

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