Director praises Angie's talents

Angelina Jolie "can kick a*s as good as any man", according to the director of her latest flick.

Angelina Jolie "can kick a*s as good as any man", according to the director of her latest flick.

The 'Changeling' actress gets to show off her risk-taking talents in forthcoming movie 'Salt' and director Philip Noyce says fans will be impressed by both the quality of her acting and her dare-devil feats.

He said: "The major thing the audience is going to find is that the movie's a showcase for the incredibly diverse talents of Angelina Jolie. And when I say "incredibly", that's not an understatement. Incredibly diverse. I mean, as we know, she's a brilliant dramatic actress. Without a doubt. That's been proven. But - you know, she's also, in 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith', and the 'Tomb Raider' films, she's shown that she can kick a*s as good as any man.

"And in this film, she gets to do both. And she does both in a way that I think will startle audiences. It's highly dramatic, it's highly emotional.

"It's a thrill a minute."

Noyce - who previously worked with Jolie on 'The Bone Collector' also revealed that starring as CIA agent Evelyn Salt - originally a male protagonist set to be played by Tom Cruise - in the movie is a dream come true for the actress.

He added to Moviehole: "Amy Pascal , the Columbia Pictures chairman, had often spoken to Angelina Jolie and they'd expressed their mutual respect for each other and also, their mutual desire to try and create a female spy franchise. And so we sent the script for 'Salt' to Angelina.

"Over several days we discussed our mutual visions for what the film could be, and how, if a male character was to be turned into a female character, how that would be achieved and she committed."

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