Film Festival heart throbs table personal questions

Brad Pitt today indicated he would add to his family of six children with a couple more.

Brad Pitt today indicated he would add to his family of six children with a couple more.

Pitt was speaking on the opening day of the Venice Film Festival, in which his new film 'Burn After Reading' is showing out of the competition.

He stars alongside another Hollywood heart throb, George Clooney, who was also at the press conference.

Pitt was asked if he was planning to add to his brood and replied, apparently jokingly, that he would have “two more by next year”.

Clooney was also asked if he planned to marry and settle down.

He joked: “That’s honestly the first time I’ve ever been asked that question.

“I’m getting married and having children today.”

When father of newborn twins Pitt was asked how the babies were, Clooney replied: “The twins are fine.”

The 65th Venice Film Festival is dominated by European films and follows the US writers’ strike.

'Burn After Reading' is the latest offering from Joel and Ethan Coen.

The film also stars John Malkovich and Tilda Swinton.

It sees a CIA analyst named Osborne Cox (Malkovich) attend a top secret meeting, only to find the secret is he is being ousted.

His wife Katie (Swinton) is having an affair with a married federal marshal named Harry Pfarrer (Clooney) and she sets about making plans to leave her husband for him.

Pitt plays spiky haired gym worker Chad Feldheimer, who accidentally obtains material for Cox’s memoirs on a computer disc and is intent on trying to exploit the find.

The 21 movies competing this year for the coveted Golden Lion include five films completely in the English language, all US productions.

Pitt, who wore a white hat during the press conference, was asked about his character and if he wore Lycra in real life.

He joked: “I’m wearing Lycra now.”

The characters in the film are described by the Coen brothers as “knuckleheads” and Clooney told them it was “of concern right now that you wrote all of these parts for us”.

Clooney described his roles in the brothers’ films as a “trilogy of idiots”.

Joel Coen told the gathered journalists he was starting to detect that people thought there was something wrong with being an idiot.

He told them it was a “sensitive subject and a big demographic”.

Clooney added: “I don’t think idiots necessarily think they’re idiots.”

Pitt, who had been waiting a long time for a role in a Coen brothers film, also said: “I was not sure whether to be flattered or insulted.”

He admitted: “I didn’t think the guy would be a dumbbell, a gum-chewing... iPod-addicted bubble-brain.

“I said to Joel and Ethan: ’He’s such an idiot...’

“But he does have a good heart.

“Basically, I see the role as a career-buster.”

Frances McDormand, who has been working with the Coen brothers for 25 years, is also in the movie, playing Pitt’s work colleague, who is obsessed with having plastic surgery.

She said the film was “all about middle-aged losers.

“George Clooney and Brad Pitt as losers, that’s novel.

“You see tragedies about middle-aged people, and comedies about them as well, but not often this combination.

“This movie is hilarious, but there is also a sadness to our characters.”

She said people would relate to her character, adding: “She’s set on full reconstructive surgery and finding a man, and she simply can’t think about anything else.”

Swinton said of the film that she found there was “something really funny about being angry all the time...

“I found it really amusing.”

Speaking about American politics, Clooney said: “I’m always optimistic. I think it’s a really exciting time in American politics.”

Pitt agreed, saying: “I’m excited.”

Pitt was asked by a woman at the press conference about his gym instructor character and if he would run after the female journalist, to which he replied: “It’s a movie.”

Clooney added: “I’m afraid by the looks of it we might be running from you.”

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