Lea and Richard await BB boot

Plastic surgery fan Lea and gay waiter Richard will face the public boot from Big Brother this week.

Plastic surgery fan Lea and gay waiter Richard will face the public boot from Big Brother this week.

The pair received four votes each from their fellow housemates.

Welsh beauty Imogen, 23, voted for single mother Lea, 35, because she was “very manipulative, as well as insecure and paranoid.”

She said Lea was “obsessed” with tourette’s syndrome sufferer Pete, adding; “She brainwashes him“.

She also nominated Richard, 33, for being “spiteful” and having “a nasty streak in him“.

Susie, 43, nominated Lea, saying: “I find the crying a little bit over-dramatic.

“I never know if she’s truly upset ... perhaps she should try to be a little less sensitive ... crying doesn’t really solve anything.”

She also nominated Glyn, saying: “He does nothing but break wind”.

Glyn, 18, nominated Lea because he said she knew that he fancied her but “bitched” about him.

The part-time lifeguard also chose Pete, who was banned from voting after he discussed the nominations.

Eccentric housemate Nikki, 24, nominated Lea, for stoking up paranoia among the other housemates.

She said of Lea: “Something’s not right .... I don’t trust her anymore.”

She also chose Richard because he was “so spiteful, has a nasty streak in him” and relished teasing Imogen about her anti-cellulite cream.

Lea also nominated Richard, saying: “He’s really smug, sometimes he thinks he’s better than anyone else.”

She also chose Susie for being “really proper“, adding “she gets disgusted by the way that we are, that I am...I just see disappointing looks.”

Mikey, 22, voted for Richard, as well as Nikki, saying that the Canadian “stares at me in a weird way ... I always catch him staring and it makes me feel uncomfortable.”

He said he varied “in his levels of campness” and that he would “bounce around, being really camp” when new people arrived in the house.

“He does it to come across to people as harmless ... if he’s more camp, he’s less of a threat,” Mikey said.

He also chose Nikki because “she’s like no-one I’ve ever met...she’s always cold, she just cries all the time ... if the room’s cold, maybe put a jumper on or a coat on?”

Richard chose Imogen, saying “She’s like genital warts – you just can’t get rid of her!“.

He also selected Glyn because “he puts me to sleep, he talks with his mouth open“.

He added: “The Wales thing is starting to get to me a bit ... the constant goings-on and themes of Wales.”

Bookmakers say they have seen betting levels for the show plunge, sparking speculation that the Channel 4 series is becoming a turn-off.

A William Hill spokesman said: “Trading has been very disappointing in the last week or so and the only explanation we can come up with is that punters no longer care.

“Big Brother needs to come up with something extraordinary to reignite the spark.”

But a show spokeswoman said: “The series is one of our most successful.”

Last night’s show was watched by 5.4 million viewers, and peaked at 5.7 million.

The spokeswoman said the series was averaging 4.6 million viewers, up 5% on last year.

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