Reluctant Big Brother majorettes failing to impress

The ten remaining Big Brother housemates failed to impress as they practised a majorette routine.

The ten remaining Big Brother housemates failed to impress as they practised a majorette routine.

Only Scouse model Mikey seemed to enjoy the contestants’ latest task – to learn and perform a complex sequence of baton tossing and twirling.

The newly-christened Big Brother Majorettes, led reluctantly by Glyn, are only allowed to watch a film of the routine they are copying three times.

They will have to perform a faithful move-for-move rendition of the sequence this afternoon, wearing fetching majorette uniforms.

If they pass the task, they will receive a luxury shopping list and budget for next week.

Otherwise the housemates will only be given a basic shopping list and budget.

Looking surprisingly comfortable in his red majorette’s miniskirt, Mikey tried to rouse the other housemates to keep rehearsing their routine.

When Aisleyne and Imogen were taking a breather in the bedroom he stormed in, brandishing his baton.

He demanded: “Girls, aren’t you going to try again?... The moves have changed.”

Imogen was not keen, sulking: “How many times do we have to do it?”

Mikey answered, “Until we get it right,” and marched them back into the living room, where they pranced reluctantly as the male model repeatedly chanted the Girls Aloud backing track.

Mikey has not entirely lost his sense of himself, however.

He confessed: “I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’m wearing women’s clothes and I’m starting to like Girls Aloud.”

Mikey, Welsh beauty Imogen, feisty Mancunian Lisa and wannabe footballer’s wife Nikki are all facing possible eviction from the Big Brother house tomorrow.

Yesterday surgically-enhanced Lea and model Aisleyne discussed who they thought would get the boot in the public vote.

Lea said: “I think Nikki’s going. I think the world of the girl, but sometimes I can’t bear to hear her voice anymore. It’s just like: please stop.”

Aisleyne responded: “She doesn’t irritate me, she just bores me.”

But she added: “If people see that she is p***** us off they’ll keep her in. Because people are sadistic like that, you get me?”

Lea predicted Imogen would not go because she had not offended anyone and that Mikey would stay “because he’s fit“.

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