'More twisted' Big Brother kicks off

The seventh series of the UK's Big Brother kicked off tonight with promises that life in the house will be “more twisted than ever”.

The seventh series of the UK's Big Brother kicked off tonight with promises that life in the house will be “more twisted than ever”.

The Channel 4 reality show is back for a 13-week run – the longest series yet - with a new cast of wannabes.

The 14 contestants were entering the spy camera house in Elstree, Herts to endure life under the spotlight for the summer.

Host Davina McCall, dressed in a black dress and coat, greeted the housemates live as they entered one by one to explore their new home.

The house is the smallest yet and is deliberately designed to make life uncomfortable for the housemates.

The designers brought the outside in – the rooms are covered in grass and concrete while the garden comes complete with a three-piece suite.

In the bedroom, three double beds have been installed to encourage the housemates to get frisky.

Glass walls and underwater cameras in the pool ensure contestants have less privacy than ever.

First up was care worker Bonnie, 20, who said there would be “no sleeping, just partying”.

She approached the house to boos from the crowd and was speechless as she looked around her new surroundings.

Tourette's sufferer Pete, 24, a rock singer and cartoonist from London, was second to enter the house, entertaining photographers and the crowd with some unusual dance moves and high kicks.

He fell down the stairs into the house, announcing: “Honey, I’m Home.”

Bonnie and Pete introduced themselves to each other, with Bonnie quickly asking her new housemate: “What have you been taking?”

Next to join them was posh 19-year-old student George, a former public schoolboy who counts Jack and Kelly Osbourne among his drinking buddies.

He made a more subdued entry to the house, looking nervously behind him as he climbed the stairs.

Shahbaz, a 37-year-old from Glagow, who describes himself as a "wacky Paki poof", blew kisses to the crowd and waved.

He repeatedly said “Oh my God” on entering the house and appeared to briefly hyperventilate before jumping up and down on the spot.

Lea, 35, a model and pigmentation artist from Nottingham, who claims the most expensive thing she has ever bought was her breast implants and says she has spent £35,000 on plastic surgery, entered the house wearing pink stilettos and a pink polka dot dress.

She looked overwhelmed but hugged her new housemates.

Imogen, 23, a former Miss Wales, smiled as she entered the house and kissed her fellow contestants.

In an interview filmed before the show she described herself as “sexy, edgy and confident” and swore she would never have sex in the house.

Mikey, a 22-year-old model and software developer, who admitted he has "anti-feminist attitudes", has already vowed he won't be doing any cleaning in the house.

Dawn, an exercise scientist who said she “doesn’t like people” and was a “methodical complainer”, gave the thumbs up to the crowd as she entered the house.

Glyn, an 18-year-old part-time lifeguard from Wales, said he was the “closest example to perfection” in an interview filmed before the show.

He wore swimming trunks and carried a life float as he entered the house, waving furiously to the crowd.

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