Lying Big Brother puts six up for eviction

Six of the Big Brother housemates are up for eviction this week – but they don’t know it.

Six of the Big Brother housemates are up for eviction this week – but they don’t know it.

Derek, Eugene, Orlaith, Makosi, Science and Vanessa all face the axe.

Big Brother had informed the housemates they would be told two lies this week and when they announced that yesterday’s nominations would be optional, the six decided not to nominate.

Only Anthony, Craig and Kemal chose to vote.

But Big Brother was lying – nominations are never optional.

Today Big Brother told the trio they were up for nomination.

But that was the second lie – in fact it is the other six who face nomination because they failed to vote.

The truth will be revealed on Friday night.

But there is another twist to the fiercely complicated plot.

During Friday’s live show, the two housemates with the most public votes will be named and their fellow housemates must choose which one stays and which one goes.

Anthony voted for Derek and Kemal, Craig voted for Derek and Eugene, and Kemal voted for Science and Makosi.

Anthony said of Derek: “I’ve voted for the bloke every single week and I’m going to continue voting for him until the bloke is out. I think the bloke’s a snob, he’s quite rude from time to time and he still keeps giving us the look of death.”

He chose Kemal “because the bloke’s constantly prancing around singing”.

Craig nominated Derek because he found him “a bit snappy” and chose Eugene because “I don’t think he’s really mixed with the group that well... we don’t have a lot in common”.

Kemal chose Science “because he doesn’t stop talking, arguing, swearing”.

He claimed Makosi was a Big Brother mole who had admitted to him that she was not really a nurse.

“I don’t think my nominations will do anything to Makosi but will provide me with more answers about the work Makosi is doing in this house,” he reasoned. “If Makosi is a contestant like we are, she will face the public vote and she will stay.”

All the others believed the nominations were optional and said they did not want to do it – Orlaith did not enter the Diary Room at all.

Derek said: “I haven’t ever enjoyed the nomination process. It should be up to the viewing public to put people up. I shall exercise my right not to vote.”

Eugene, Makosi and Vanessa also said they did not like nominating.

And Science told Big Brother: “What’s going on with all this dodginess, like? It’s like a game of Simon Says where Simon doesn’t anything but people still wiggle their elbows.”

The housemates spent the day training for the Big Brother Games.

Pairs of housemates have been assigned to take part in a sporting event, with poorly Kemal acting as commentator.

Makosi and Derek must pull on their leotards for some rhythmic gymnastics. Craig and Anthony will compete in track cycling, Eugene and Vanessa in trampolining, and Science and Orlaith will take the plunge as synchronised swimmers.

If they achieve a combined score of 50 points in the final they will be awarded a luxury food budget.

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