Feast treat for Big Brother 'box' winners

Three Big Brother housemates shared a luxury prize tonight – for spending 27 hours living in a box.

Three Big Brother housemates shared a luxury prize tonight – for spending 27 hours living in a box.

Anthony, Derek and Roberto won a series of three-course meals, as well as a stocked fridge, after they were proclaimed winners by Big Brother after they spent a night under cardboard.

Despite feeling generous, Big Brother also forbade the housemates from sharing the bounty with the others.

All 11 contestants were set the challenge yesterday morning but the daring trio were the only ones to persevere.

Big Brother then told the three housemates to come out of their boxes this afternoon but they were slightly suspicious.

Big Brother said: “For unsurpassed commitment to living in a box, living in a cardboard box, for stamina above and beyond the call of duty and for stamina, the likes of which has never been witnessed in the Big Brother House. Anthony, Derek and Roberto, Big Brother salutes you. You are all winners.”

The three eventually emerged after counting to five and declaring themselves “honourable men”.

Derek admitted he enjoyed the experience, saying: “It was pleasant away from people. I had nowhere else to go”

Anthony said he “was determined to stay ’til the end” but the trio agreed that the best part was hearing they could leave.

Later, Maxwell and Saskia got down to comparing feet with Maxwell saying Saskia’s were “weird”.

Science and Kemal were then drawn into a game of guessing which film her toes could have come from.

“I don’t know, Titanic?” Kemal said, but it was Maxwell’s clue of “Phone home,” that gave the game away.

Elsewhere, tensions seemed to be thawing between Vanessa and Sam.

“When Lesley was here, Sam was very spiteful and aggressive,” Vanessa told Craig.

“But she’s been incredibly sweet to me, incredibly over-the-top helpful since I hurt my leg.

“She used to pass dirty looks at us but she’s completely changed.”

But Craig said he was not fooled, adding: “She’s been trying to make out she was threatened. At the end of the day, Lesley never threatened her.”

Vanessa then changed her mind agreeing: “I’m not sure about her at all.”

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