Harrison and Hartnett hopeless in 'Hollywood Homicide'

Hollywood Homicide

Director: Ron Shelton

Cast: Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, Lena Olin, Bruce Greenwood, Lolita Davidovich

Cert: 15.

Whatever happened to Harrison Ford?

He has appeared in a clutch of the most successful films Hollywood has ever made - Star Wars, Blade Runner, Indiana Jones - and been on the A-List forever. He's now going through his mid-life crisis by squiring Calista 'Ally McBeal' Flockhart … and he's turning up in some pretty awful tosh.

This dismal cop buddy drama - which also thinks it's a comedy, a thriller, an actioner, a romance (which it ain't) - comes, surprisingly, from writer-director Shelton, whose CV includes Bull Durham, Cobb, Tin Cup and Dark Blue. It is so bad it is almost good.

Ford plays a multi-divorced Los Angeles detective with a sideline as an estate agent. The alarmingly wooden Hartnett plays his young partner with a burning desire to become an actor - some hope! - and when they're not chasing baddies they're showing clients around the latest des res or attending auditions. On the side, Ford is 'seeing' the girlfriend of the Internal Investigation cop who's looking into his activities.

All of which suggests that we have here a film full of incident and sympathetic characters and thrills and spills. And if you think that you would be completely and utterly wrong, wrong, wrong!

The plot is as tired as Ford now looks, as uninteresting as he appears to have viewed the entire project. There is nothing about the film that is in any way gripping, nothing to hold our attention and excite us.

Hey, age catches up with all of us, but the increasingly clapped-out Ford no longer churns the emotions of the female population. And as for Hartnett … maybe he's an actor with a burning desire to become a cop!

Star Rating: 1/5

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