Cameron celebrates Big Brother victory

Scotsman Cameron Stout was today enjoying his first day out of the Big Brother 4 house after winning the £70,000 (€98,000) first prize.

Scotsman Cameron Stout was today enjoying his first day out of the Big Brother 4 house after winning the £70,000 (€98,000) first prize.

The Bible-bashing virgin last night got 57.5% of the votes to beat fellow contestant Ray Shah – the volatile rebel of the house.

Cameron, a 32-year-old fish trader from Orkney, was momentarily lost for words as Davina announced he had won.

On leaving the Big Brother house after 64 days, Cameron appeared delighted at support from the crowd and wept as he was reunited with family members.

Later at a press conference, he put paid to speculation of a budding romance with housemate Steph Smith.

On his future plans, he said he wanted to catch up with family and friends in Orkney adding it would be “cool” to become next producer of Songs of Praise.

Cameron’s first reaction to the news he had won was to exclaim: “I can’t believe it,” as he was embraced by runner-up Ray and both jumped up and down with joy.

“Thank you, thank you,” he shrieked as he found his voice.

Cameron then held his temples and looked both ecstatic and scared by his win.

“Oh Ray,” he said.

“Enjoy it,” the Irishman told him as he grabbed his suitcase and prepared to leave the house. “All the best.”

The fiery Dubliner was greeted by a huge cheer as he left the house.

“You are a legend,” Davina told Ray.

The volatile Irishman often lost his cool during his time in the house was shown clips including a hilarious string of four-letter temper tantrums.

Ray held his head in his hands, saying, “My mother is here!” as he was reminded of his habit of illicit nocturnal activities under his duvet.

“I don’t believe it. I didn’t actually do anything!” he protested.

Church-going Cameron became the nation’s sweetheart after confessing he is a virgin saving himself for wedded bliss.

Cameron, who has frequently read the Bible to his fellow housemates, told Big Brother during the opinions task: “I don’t think you should spoil yourself before getting into a special union.”

But he did get a little over excited by all the talk of “special unions”.

“I can’t wait to get married,” he gushed.

He also voiced displeasure at the other contestants’ continuous drinking stories and rowdy behaviour during heavy boozing sessions.

The reserved teetotaller came out of his shell after an exchange trip to the Big Brother house in South Africa, where he attracted more than a little attention from the ladies.

Rumours have also abounded about his relationship with Steph after a tame 10-second snog during a drunken game of spin the bottle.

After a tepid start, their affection for each other seemed to grow stronger in their final hours together.

Steph even admitted that he was her favourite to win the show.

“I firmly believe he’s come here for a good experience, and he’ll go back to Orkney and enjoy the rest of his life,” she told Big Brother in the Diary Room.

“He hasn’t come here for any gain other than the experience, which is why I think he deserves to win.”

Meanwhile, Jon Tickle expressed his reservations.

“I still can’t tell where the fake Cameron ends and the real Cameron begins,” he told Big Brother.

“Yes, it’s a game show, but you ought to win the competition by being the best person, not the best actor.”

After Davina joined him in the house Cameron told her: “I just keep thinking it wasn’t right.”

Asked about his flirting with Steph, the Scot who has still never had sex, gave an embarrassed laugh.

“I think the world of Steph,” he said.

“Let’s be honest, she could be the one,” Davina said.

“There are hundreds of women queuing up for the job ... of marrying you,” Davina added.

Cameron said Steph would “of course” be invited up to his home in the Orkneys.

He also received a video message of congratulations from his heroine, record-breaking yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur before leaving the house for the last time.

Cameron looked shell-shocked and close to tears as he was greeted by fireworks, the flashbulbs of cameras and cheers from the crowd.

He whooped with delight as he was led past cheering supporters.

And he burst into tears after his mother and brother kissed and hugged the Big Brother winner after his 64 days in the house.

Cameron later revealed there was no chance of a relationship between himself and Steph at a press conference held after he was announced the Big Brother winner.

Speaking about his favourite housemate he said: “She’s supposed to be coming to Orkney but I can’t see any romantic involvement between me and Steph.”

The he did confirm, when questioned by journalists, that he was a virgin.

Asked what his plans were, he replied: “I’ll be here for a day or two, I can’t wait to get back to Orkney and catch up with my family and friends and find out what they thought. They were probably my harshest critics or my best judges.”

When told there was a rumour that he might become the next producer of the BBC’s religious programme Songs Of Praise, Cameron replied: “I wouldn’t mind I think it would be cool.”

Describing the moment Big Brother presenter Davina told him and fellow contestant Ray that he had won the reality show he said: “It wasn’t even like dreaming.

“When she said my name we looked at each other and said: ’What’.

“I don’t know how I felt then and I don’t know how I feel now.

“Tomorrow it will all be a bit more fun but just now it’s a bit freaky.”

Second place Big Brother contestant Ray was ecstatic at having come so far in the show.

He added: “To reach the last four and get second place is amazing.”

Looking at Cameron he said: “I said it’s a case of good versus evil.”

Ray won 1,428,231 votes (42.5%) but was beaten by Cameron with 928,570 votes (57.5%).

In total, 4,339,805 voted in this year’s Big Brother final taking the total number of votes cast for the whole series to 11,993,636.

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