Arnie sees no end for Terminator

Action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger told today how he intended to make even more Terminator movies and vowed: “I’ll be back”.

Action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger told today how he intended to make even more Terminator movies and vowed: “I’ll be back”.

He may be nearly 56, but Schwarzenegger plans to reprise his role as the killer cyborg for many more years to come.

The star arrived at the Cannes Film Festival to promote the long-awaited Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

It may be 19 years since he first played the role of the Terminator in the sci-fi classic, but Schwarzenegger told a press conference that he was only halfway through his acting career.

“Is this my last Terminator? No. I’ve so many more years left,” he said.

“I’m totally full of energy and thanks to my weight training and cardio-vascular training I’m in great shape.

“I consider this the middle term of my career.” And he urged fans: “Go out and see the movie. The more successful the movie is, the faster we can make Terminator 4.”

With a budget of close to €173m, Terminator 3 is on course to become the most expensive movie ever made.

Schwarzenegger is taking home a €29m pay cheque for his starring role.

“I’ve worked harder on Terminator 3 than on any movie I’ve ever done. It was very hard as far as the stunts were concerned and I got some serious injuries which left me needing surgery.

“But I think Terminator 3 is the greatest of all the Terminators,” he said.

In the film Schwarzenegger is out to save 18-year-old resistance fighter John Connor from assassination.

Work has not yet finished on the movie but it is being heavily promoted at Cannes.

Schwarzenegger cruised into town today with wife Maria Shriver and tomorrow they will attend the lavish party thrown by MTV in honour of the film.

The bash is being held in a luxury villa in the hills high above the Cote d’Azur and promises to be one of the hottest tickets of the Festival.

It has been decked out in futuristic style with dazzling special effects and the robot characters used in the film have been flown over from Hollywood especially for the party.

The space-age private villa is owned by designer Pierre Cardin and is known as The Bubble Palace because of its circular rooms. It also has a hidden swimming pool, breathtaking views of the French Riviera and even an underwater lounge.

Party organisers are laying on 4,000 bottles of champagne for the guests.

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