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Les covers for the fact that he and Sandra are no longer an item to save face in front of Janice and Toyah.

CORONATION STREET : Les covers for the fact that he and Sandra are no longer an item to save face in front of Janice and Toyah. Candice is left seething as she watches Todd and Sarah's new relationship bloom. Martin shocks Sally with a proposition, but when her reply is not what he expected, he is left to wonder where he stands. And Fiz gets ideas above her station on the design front, but is soon shot down in flames by a less than impressed Mike. Meanwhile, after a week of veiled threats and coming and goings, Vik decides he cannot give up Hazel without a fight, a decision that he could soon live to regret.

EMMERDALE : Viv is becoming increasingly suspicious of Diane and her interest in Bob, and in a final showdown, Viv is barred from the Woolpack - but how will she retaliate? Scott's confidence takes a dive when his plans to impress Chloe are upstaged by Charity. And, while Diane and Bernice reach a compromise over the running of the pub, Ashley is far from pleased to hear that Bernice was chatted up at the nightclub the other night, but failed to mention it. Meanwhile, Jack tries to help the course of true love run smooth for Katie and Andy. And Zoe ruins a pleasant evening out by making a drunken pass at Angie in full view of the regulars.

EASTENDERS : Steve's funeral goes ahead, but Mel's grief is marred by the lies and deceit that was her life with him, and she takes drastic action to lay his ghost to rest. Mark and Lisa are busy making wedding plans, but the one obstacle in their way is how to break the news to Pauline, whilst keeping it a secret from Phil... Janine is forced to move into a grotty bedsit, and with no money to pay Vickers, she finds herself at his mercy. Sonia stuns Jamie by announcing she wants to try for a baby. And Lisa's worse nightmare comes true when problems with the house mean she could end up living with the enemy! Meanwhile, changes are afoot at E20 as Mel takes the helm, but can the club re-open without incident?

NEIGHBOURS : There's good news on the family front for Drew and Libby, but heartache for Elly as her mother rejects her again. A humiliated Flick finds her dream PR job is not all it seems. And as Darcy starts to fall for Serena's charms, he fails to realise her interest hides an agenda. Drew is forced to look for a second job to make ends meet, while Matt is unhappy to see Geneveive leaning on Evan for help. Meanwhile, Dee is confused when Toadie admits to fancying a girl at work, especially when she fails to realise he means Maggie.

CROSSROADS : Oona hits out at Joanne for being a homewrecker, while Ray gets good news from the authorities, prompting Joanne to urge him to leave Mandy sooner, rather than later. Sarah tells Billy that she wants him to father her children, unaware that a family bombshell is heading their way. And Minty is beginning to regret getting involved with his biggest fan, Jenny.

Meanwhile, an embarrassing incident at a PTA meeting does Tracey no favours. And a romantic night out for Oona and Dave ends in tragedy and turmoil when they return home to find Mandy has suffered a fatal brain haemorrhage.

BROOKSIDE : Anthony is left in despair as he is subjected to yet another humiliating attack, but is salvation in sight? Tim and Emily argue over Tim's choice of career. And, as Ray and Helen bond, they are surprised to receive an offer of help from Jessie in tracing Sylvia. Jimmy dices with

death as his mental state deteriorates further still, while Rachel comes up with a plan to make some money for her birthday. Meanwhile, Nikki swallows her pride to ask Emily for her tuition fees. And Max makes a disconcerting discovery about Gabby.

FAMILY AFFAIRS : Jim is shocked and confused when Matt reveals Nikki still loves him. Kate and Tom are getting closer, but does that mean he's finally got the better of Pete? And drink gets the better of Geri when Luke lavishes attention on Jessica at Roy's party. Yasmin gets the chance of an audition, but attracts jealousy in the process, while Ginny wonders who is to blame when some of her belongings start to go missing. Meanwhile, Pete makes an overwhelming declaration of love for Kate, before making it clear to Tom that his hatred for him knows no bounds..

HOLLYOAKS : Ellie conjures up a crafty plan when she forgets Mother's Day. Jodie spots Greg kissing another man, leaving her in a dilemma as to what to tell Nick. And Brian shows himself to be a positive influence. Meanwhile, Bombhead takes a detour from the attic to somewhere far more interesting.

NIGHT AND DAY : Natalie asks Fiona to take Francoise of her hands, much to Francoise's delight. Alex is haunted by a stream of text messages, but his attempts to track his stalker are inadvertently hampered by Dennis. And Tom's drastic change of image works wonders when his attackers fail to recognise him. Meanwhile, Francoise drops a bombshell on Fiona.

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