A Question of Taste: Le Galaxie's Dave McLoughlin

Dave McLoughlin is part of Irish electronic music act Le Galaxie. The band will play Cork City Hall tomorrow as part of this year’s Great Irish Beer Festival.

A Question of Taste: Le Galaxie's Dave McLoughlin

Best recent book you’ve read:

Happy by Derren Brown. It’s an exploration of what happiness is, the difference between happiness and pleasure, and how classic stoicism actually offers a pretty content mindspace in which to live.

Best recent film:

Dunkirk. I wasn’t a big fan of Interstellar but Christopher Nolan is back on form with this one. At it’s best it plays like a silent film, but one that has a filling-meltingly good audio design.

Best recent show/exhibition/gig you’ve seen:

I was at the book launch for Elaine Feeney’s Rise — her latest volume of poetry. Her work is painfully and

exhilaratingly honest, and will have any woman who grew up in Ireland punching the air. And the men too.

Best piece of music you’ve been listening to lately (new or old):

The Electrician by The Walker Brothers . It’s so overwhelming I can only stand to listen to it once every so often. The string section in particular will lift you up high into the air and alternately dash you into the ground.

First ever piece of music or art or film or gig that really moved you:

I remember hearing Axel F by Harold Faltemeyer in the 1980s and something in my brain came online for the first time. It’s no wonder I’ve ended up in a synth band.

The best gig or show you’ve ever seen (if you had to pick one!):

I’m a fairweather Blur fan, I enjoyed their music but never pored over album liner notes or lyrics. I didn’t care about Blur Vs Oasis even though they were clearly always the winner. That said, seeing their comeback show at Kilmainham will be hard to beat for the best show I’ve seen. Each song was presented in its best possible form, featuring choirs and orchestras entering and exiting when required. And the passion of the band themselves was unforgettable.

Tell us about your TV viewing:

Mostly viewed online, I’ve cut the chord long ago. I have a literal day by day schedule of what shows were broadcast and catching up on the latest is a must before you hit the internet that day, least there be spoilers. This weekend I just realised there was a fourth season of Rectify that I didn’t know existed (well, a lot of people don’t even realise that the Sundance channel, that broadcasts the show, even exists!). It’s been a joy to plough through that season this weekend.

Radio listening and/or podcasts:

I’m a big podcast fan — Harmontown, Reply All, Invidibilia, S-Town, The Atheist Experience and The Last Podcast on the Left are particular favourites.

You’re curating your dream festival — what three artists are on the bill, living or dead?

James Brown, Daft Punk and Dan Deacon.

If you could change one thing about the music business, what would it be?

Artists would get paid what they deserve.

Your best celebrity encounter:

Myself and my dad once excitedly followed 1980s TV icon Gary Wilmott into a lift in Brighton and didn’t speak to him or acknowledge him in any way. High times!

You can portal back to any period of human cultural history or music event – where and why?

The crucifixion of Jesus. I’d bring a camcorder and stay very close on the case so we could all see what ‘really’ happened, if anything.

Unsung hero – individual or group you think don’t get the profile/praise they deserve:

Anyone who works in the health / educational services in Ireland.

You are king for a day — what’s your first decree?

Everyone be sound to each other, ok!

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