What to watch on TV this week

Des O’Driscoll takes us through the week’s TV viewing and what needs to be on your list.

What to watch on TV this week


Chasing Coral


The sight of a dead coral reef is similar to seeing a lush jungle that’s been felled and cleared. Unfortunately, this shocking scene is becoming more common as climate change leads to increased ocean temperatures and the corals — a type of animal — die off.

The phenomenon is known as ‘bleaching’ because the incredible colour coral reefs are renowned for are replaced with grey heaps.

This documentary follows some of the marine biologists documenting the bleaching process, and even sounds a note of cautious optimism that it’s not too late to undo the process.

To the Bone


Lily Collins (daughter of Phil Collins) stars as a young woman with an eating disorder who gets help in her recovery from a doctor played by Keanu Reeves.

Both the actress and the woman who wrote the film have suffered with such disorders themselves, and claim they are dealing with the issue in a sensitive way that will get other people to understand it better.

Some expert groups are concerned about the film, however, and have warned that people who are prone to anorexia might be better steering clear.


ITV, 9.45pm

Christopher Nolan’s hugely entertaining 2010 film gets a rare TV outing, with Leonardo DiCaprio among a cast playing characters who use technology to get inside people’s dreams.


The Voice Kids

TV3, 7.10pm

The final of a series that has provided some great family viewing.

The Lone Ranger

BBC Two, 8pm

This high-octane and rather bonkers retelling of the old western tale stars Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp.

It split critics on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the US, it was widely slated; in the UK, more film buffs seemed to appreciate its inventiveness.

See for yourself.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Channel 4, 9pm

There are three episodes to go in the bleak but engaging series, and tonight Offred gets a surprising night out.

She ends up in a secret brothel, and meets an old friend now working as a ‘jezebel’ there.

Ross Kemp Extreme World

Sky 1, 9pm

Episode two has Kemp in the West Bank, where after decades of ethnic cleansing and dispossession, the Palestinians now have to deal with another menace to their society — drug addiction.

We hear how a new synthetic drug is creating huge problems, and police are limited in what they can do about it.

One of the scenes has the presenter travelling with a group of vigilantes going on a raid to destroy a stash of the drugs.


Love Island

3e, 9pm

Resistance is futile.

The paucity of the summer schedules, and the fact that this show revolves around s-e-x ensures that it will get plenty of attention from both viewers and the media alike.


Celebrity Mastermind

BBC One, 7pm (not NI)

John Keats and the World Wrestling Federation are among the specialist subjects chosen by the moderately well known contestants on tonight’s show.

Fair City

RTÉ One, 8pm

Trigger might be terminally-ill but that hasn’t stopped him from joining up with Cathal in an attempt to bring down Robbie and Carol.

Tonight he’s a loggerheads with Robbie when he refuses to leave town.

Addicted Parents: Last Chance to Keep My Children

BBC Two, 9pm

A two-part documentary filmed inside a special house where parents with addiction issues live with their children in an attempt to get clean and prove they are able to look after their kids.

They get six months to prove they can live without drugs or alcohol, and the price of failure is huge — the family is likely to be split up.


Joanna Lumley’s India

ITV, 9pm

The final episode of the actress’s travels through India again produces more contrasting images of the country she was born in.

Lumley’s family were there because of British rule in the subcontinent, and the era of the Raj was a disaster for the country’s wildlife, with animals such as wolves and tigers hunted almost to extinction.

Belinda Wright is an Indian conservationist of British extraction who has been involved in efforts to reverse that decline.

She tells Lumley about the mixed results they’ve had.

Along the way, Lumley also visits a homeless community in Delhi where 10,000 men live under a flyover; tries working in a call centre; and meets Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.

The Natives: This is Our America

BBC One, 11.25pm (not NI)

The protests against the oil pipeline in Dakota once again brought Native Americans to the the notice of the world.

This show follows transgender Sioux teenager Sky and his friends as they join the Standing Rock protest camp.


Liveline: Call Back

RTÉ One, 8.30pm

One of the segments on tonight’s show includes a story that emerged from a discussion of how the deaf community deal with the emergency services.

What happens if you’ve an emergency and you can’t hear or speak?

Joe Duffy also went further into their lives to see the other challenges they deal with.

There’s also a look at how the Kinahan-Hutch feud is affecting innocent people in inner-city Dublin, with a relative of Martin O’Rourke talking about how his three children have coped since their father was gunned down in a case of mistaken identity.

Handsome Devil


This excellent Irish film includes such familiar faces as Andrew Scott and Amy Huberman in its tale of friendship at a posh boarding school.

Who Do You Think You Are?

BBC One, 9pm

Clare Balding’s digging amongst her family gives her cause to wonder if one of her great-grandfathers was gay.

She also uncovers some interesting connections to America.

The Great Butterfly Adventure

BBC Four, 9pm

The migration of the painted lady butterfly is one of the great feats of nature.

Here we see how millions of these beautiful creatures travel thousands of miles from north Africa all the way to Britain and Ireland.

Martha Kearney and entomologist Dr James Logan also the explain the recent discovery that some of the butterflies even make a return trip.




This new 10-part series will hopefully deliver on its interesting premise and decent cast.

Jason Bateman plays a financial planner who has to pay off debts he owes to a Mexican drug lord, while Laura Linney plays his suffering wife.

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