Seal rescue sparks a commotion in the middle of London

A stranded seal has been rescued to applause from the watching public in west London.

Seal rescue sparks a commotion in the middle of London

The animal was discovered on a pontoon near Kew Bridge in Brentford, and brought to safety after a 90-minute rescue involving the Fire Brigade and RSPCA.

It is not unusual for seals to venture up the Thames, the RSPCA said, but this one was thought to have become stranded on dry land after emerging from the water with an injury.

The animal charity said it may have been hit by a boat.

Speaking as the rescue took place yesterday, an RSPCA spokeswoman said: "It’s not uncommon for seals to venture up rivers away from the sea looking for food - and they normally manage to find their way back unless they are sick; when they will haul themselves out of the water.

"In this instance, however, we are concerned for the seal’s welfare as the animal appears to have an injury to the eye, perhaps consistent with being hit by a boat."

London Fire Brigade station manager Andy Watson said: "With the help of firefighters, the seal was carried via a pedestrian bridge into an animal ambulance.

"The rescue was a success and the watching public clapped from the banks of the river."


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